Topic: Can't get started

Rather useless of me I know, but I can't get Presentert to run in PowerPoint. Well it is there, the menu is there and it drops down when I click, but none of the options work so I can't use it!

I have activated a trial (through PowerPoint - Help / Activate product, but that's all.
I am using XP Pro and PPT 2003. I have an Add-in called Mekko Graphics which functions fine, but no sign of Presenter in the Tools / Add-ins.

I can't get into Adobe support as the help request requires a product to be selected and I'm not being presented with any option

If someone could help me  that would be great as I have just realised that Presenter will solve for me a client concern about PowerPoint and I'll have a great weekend if this is sorted!!



Re: Can't get started

So to confirm, you see the Presenter menu in PowerPoint, but cannot select any options.  What version of Presenter are you using?

I have seen where the menu doesn't show, but not this.  In my case, you have to manage your disabled addins and chose to not disable Presenter (or something like the, it has been a while). 

Regarding contacting support, you should be able to go through the support for Connect, as the same people should support Presenter.  When I call in, Connect (formerly Breeze) is an option.

Try that, and if you still have problems, I can look for a machine with Office 2003 and try to test it.