Topic: Quality of the fonts

I have created a presentation and am getting some negative feedback about the quality of the text. In the settings I have set the image quality to high and the font size is 11. Is there any way of making this font clearer?

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Re: Quality of the fonts

Hi neil0wen,

I am thinking that you have chosen font sizes or styles that are not converting well in Presenter. Try a "standard" size (i.e. if you have a 23 pt. font, try 24 or 20) or a standard type font (like arial or something generic). You may try saving the file as a .ppt if it is a .pptx as there are some known issues with .pptx format, some related to fonts. This page with documentation about Presenter may help: http://www.adobe.com/support/presenter/?promoid=DNRQX

If David Yun sees this post, he might be able to direct us to a kb article that covered font issues, which I have been unable to find. David has done a nice job keeping track of the particular issues.

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Re: Quality of the fonts

If you are using PowerPoint 2007, I've found that text added to shapes can lose quality.  If you create a separate text box and layer it over the shape, it solves the problem.  Just be careful that you create the text box then layer it, because if you try to make the text box on top of the shape, it tends to just add the text to shape anyway.  You can tell if you have text boxes vs shapes by looking at what it is called in the Selection Pane.