Topic: Quiz In Adobe Presenter 7

I am trying to create a quiz using Adobe Presenter 7. I have total of 35 slides and the quiz is created on the 28 slide. When I publish the presentation using Presenter the quiz publishes in the end as opposed to the middle of the presentation.

Any thoughts how I may be able to avoid that. I want the quiz to stay on 28th slide just where I created it not towards the end.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Quiz In Adobe Presenter 7

Unfortunately, I don't believe so. Adobe Presenter will add the quiz slides at the end of the presentation by default, but you can always drag and drop the quiz slides to the desired location thereafter. Upon publishing, the quiz slides will be in the location wherever you drop them. Please also note that each quiz slide can be placed intermittently, or grouped.


Re: Quiz In Adobe Presenter 7

Thank you Jeff. This is very helpful.