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Topic: Cant insert Flash/Video

Iv had this problem since i installed Presenter 7.

Whenever i try to insert a SWF (Flash) file, PPT simply minimizes and nothing happens? iv searched around and tried many things but the problem remains. I click "Insert Flash .SWF" and PPT minimizes and nothing happens. Same thing happens when i try to insert Video..

Iv reinstalled Presenter and PPT and installed alll office components etc.. nothing seems to be helping.

Any suggestions? Im using PPT 2003 and presenter 7 with XP SP3

I should add that i do NOT get any error etc.. it just minimizes and thats it. i do not get a browse dialog or anything like that, so this problem is not related to the flash/video files themselves..

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Re: Cant insert Flash/Video

OK problem solved.. i found this post.. not sure how i missed it before... but for anyone else having this issue. please read http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucb … 6135#p6135

kshawk108 wrote:

Here's the solution to this problem:
At our institution, we use a redirected desktop and My Documents. It uses a UDP redirect, instead of a mapped drive location. If you save a presenter file to either of these locations, you can't import video or flash.
The answer: save the presentation to the local hard drive or a mapped network drive.
Glad this is solved...