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Topic: Adaptive streaming of audio and video?

Hello, I'm looking for some information about how the Connect server "streams" audio and video in Presenter presentations. On the Presenter product page on the Adobe website, it says, "Take advantage of adaptive video and audio streaming for presentations hosted on Acrobat Connect Pro Server to promote a great presentation viewing experience." However, I can't find any other information about this.

I found on another product page, "Presenter offers adaptive streaming audio and video and intelligently preloads presentation content for a great viewing experience." If it preloads, how is it streaming?

Does the Connect server adaptively stream audio/video content in Presenter files? And to me, "adaptive streaming" means that the quality of the feed you're getting varies based on your bandwidth connection.

Any info is greatly appreciated!!


Re: Adaptive streaming of audio and video?

The default actions of Presenter are:

While you look at the loading screen the first three slides load completely, then as you watch the presentation another slide begins pre-loading every 3 seconds.

There are options to change how the end user will see a buffering message if they are on a slow internet connection, but that is how it works on the whole.

Presenter should work this way whether or not it is on a Connect server.


Re: Adaptive streaming of audio and video?

Is there any difference between Presenter presentations hosted on a Connect server and those that aren't (as far as playback performance)?


Re: Adaptive streaming of audio and video?

Any difference would come down to the performance ability of your server vs. the Connect infrastructure. So long as you have a reasonably capable server and bandwidth, I would say no there is no difference in performance.