Topic: Reformatting Quiz Slides

Issue: When I generate or update my Quiz questions/answers, the slide formatting is inconsistent.

Problem: I can't fix the issue because each of the quiz questions/answers are "grouped" and cannot be indivdually reformatted. for example, I can't adjust the height of a text box, without changing the height of the checkbox it's "grouped" with.

Is there a solution to this problem?

I've attempted to ungroup/re-group the problem answers, but this wipes the answers from Presenter's Quiz Manager and effectively kills my quiz. 

any tips/suggestion would be welcome.

I'm using PowerPoint 2003 SP3 and Presenter 7.0.1



Re: Reformatting Quiz Slides

In PPT 07 you can edit an item that is grouped without editing the entire group.


Re: Reformatting Quiz Slides

How?  When I select an individual text box that is part of group and click "Format Text Box" the Height and Width fields are greyed out.


Re: Reformatting Quiz Slides

Just grab the corner of the object on the quiz slide and re-size it to fit your needs.

Grab corner



Re: Reformatting Quiz Slides

I appreciate your help, but this doesn't help me.

If you notice in your example, the input text box got larger and the attached text remained the same.  The issue I have (and I'd illustrate it if I could post screengrabs) is that when I do as you indicated the radio buttons or check boxes get distorted when I elongate the attached text box.

I suppose I can proportional enlarge all the radio buttons and check boxes, but it may look odd and I'd have to do it on all the slides. 

Thanks for your time,


Re: Reformatting Quiz Slides

The box that I selected shouldn't react any differently than if I selected the text box. you just need to ensure that you have selected to re-size just the text box. In my examples the point is that the text box and the object I re-sized are grouped. I did not un-group them, but just selected one object in the group and re-sized it independently.

With text and radio buttons you can select just the text box or just the radio button and move/re-size them independently.

But this only works in PPT 07

You would need to upgrade to 07 to see this functionality. In 03 or older you are just stuck with the grouping. You may try and edit the font size and see if that achieves a look that you can live with.


Re: Reformatting Quiz Slides

Thanks again.

FYI - I discovered a work around in '03:

1) resize the group (including checkboxes/radio buttons) to the desired heigt and width
2) Open Quiz manager
3) click OK

All the radio buttons and check boxes should automatically revert back to their normal proportions, but your text boxes SHOULD remain as you set them.

I haven't redone all my slides yet, but this seems to work for me.



Re: Reformatting Quiz Slides

That is a fantastic fix. I hadn't heard that that worked before.

Good find!