Topic: Shuffled quizzes wont publish

I see this error message:

"The content slides inside the shuffled quizzes and question groups in this presentation will be removed from the published content. Are you sure you want to continue publishing?"

Any ideas on what's wrong here?


Re: Shuffled quizzes wont publish

You have non-quiz slides between your quiz slides. I recall that this issue of dropping all non-quiz slides was supposed to fixed with version 7.0.2, but I may be making that up in my head too. I'll look to validate that that was a fix or not and update this post. But that is your issue.

To fix, either try upgrading, or create multiple quizzes that fit between your content slides.


Re: Shuffled quizzes wont publish

Hi Jorma

Thanks for the info. I think that's the issue.
It was produced in 7.0 but I published it in 7.02 - that didn't fix it.
Maybe I'm supposed to build it from scratch in 7.0.2. to make it work??


/Ole Kristensen


Re: Shuffled quizzes wont publish

I know that you could mix in content slides in V6.2 of Presenter. I doubt that building it from scratch in 7.0.2 will change this (but it fixes a lot of other issues).


Re: Shuffled quizzes wont publish

Does anyone know if this has been fixed?  I'm trying to publish from Presenter 7.
I want the slides between the quizzes.

What I've done is created demos in Captivate 4.  Inserted the swf file, then in Presenter there are some quiz slides.  Then an intro to the next inserted SWF, the SWF, then in Presenter some quiz questions.

When I can publish the Presenter file, it'll be uploaded to Adobe Connect Pro 7.  The quizzes are optional and no marks are recorded.