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Hello All.

We are importing a video (avi) into Presenter 7.0.2. The video has come from a second party and as a result the volume level is extremely high during playback.

I know we can have the users lower the volume using the Presenter playbar. However, we would like to set the master volume a lower. Is this possible using Presenter or should we try to use another program before importing into Presenter, and if so any recommendation on a freeware program?

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Re: Video volume - Presenter

Well, you can always download a 30 day trial version of Adobe Premiere to manipulate the volume of the .avi and save it.

As far as a freeware alternative, I've heard (but never used) that VirtualDub is a good one to use for fast, basic edits.

I hope that helps!


Re: Video volume - Presenter

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Re: Video volume - Presenter

    When it comes to importing video into Presenter, there are a number of limitations.  Unfortunately, if you want to change something with the file, you will need to use something third party.  Presenter is definately not a one stop shop.  When you do make the edits to the file, make sure to save it at a higher quality because Presenter re-encodes it to a .flv file.  Having better source will help have a better end product.