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Hello - I need help. This post will show my ignorance!

I am trying to recreate several lost presentations with their audio files. I download the source .ppt file into a folder. I then download the zip source file into the same folder. I unzip the zipped file. When I try and edit audio, sync audio or import audio - Presenter tells me it can't find the files. The media.ppcx file is there (though it tells me it is looking for a .ppc file?) - all the mp3's are there in a sub "audio" folder. I just can't link these up. All the info is there - I guess I don't know how to connect the dots. Can anyone help?? What am I doing wrong - how can I get each audio file imported into each slide?



Re: Audio Problems

Sounds like you are using Presenter 6 to open a presentation made with Presenter 7. If so > upgrade to Presenter 7.

John K.


Re: Audio Problems

I would suggest doing following steps:
1) Create a backup of presentation as well as audio assets
2) Delete all assets associated with presentation (Delete the folder having same name as presentation)
3) Open presentation
4) Publish locally, it should ask that certain assets are missing. Select radio button which will delete all references to audio assets
5) Now all references have been removed you can start afresh by importing audio again (from backup folder that you created earlier)

Caution: Following the steps you are starting afresh and will loose any audio synchronization that you would have done


Re: Audio Problems

It won't allow any publishing at all.  All I get is an error message that says:

Adobe Presenter is unable to read the narration for this presentation.

It can't find the ppcx file and it won't let me record a new one.  Why?


Re: Audio Problems

Using Presenter 7 you can do an export to a Presenter 6 file type. This may be how you get the file to a readable format as Presenter 6 will not look for a PPCX file, only PPC.


Re: Audio Problems

I can't perform any function from the presenter menu without getting the error "Adobe Prenter is unable to read the narration for this file." I get this error even if I create a new file with no narration.