Topic: Quiz Redirection to a Flash File

I had this question come up on a demo the other day and I haven't been able to get a solid answer:

I know that Presenter quizzes can direct users to a URL when they select an incorrect answer but if a student is taking a quiz and they miss a question can presenter direct them to a specific point in a Flash file?

If so, can they be limited to watching just a specific section?

Also, would the Flash file open in a new window so that they could easily get back to the quiz?

Thanks guys!


Re: Quiz Redirection to a Flash File

Yes, If quiz is published with following setting set in quiz manager (quiz manager->output options tab->"show incomplete quiz warning" checkbox is selected) then if there are unattempted questions in quiz, quiz takers will get a warning message that there are unattempted questions in quiz.

Though they won't be taken to unattempted question automatically.


Re: Quiz Redirection to a Flash File

I presented some "Tips & Tricks" at the 2007 Adobe eLearning Summit.  As part of that presentation, I demonstrated how you can have a "review" when a learner answers a question incorrectly during a Presenter quiz.  It's not quite the same as what you are looking for, because my file was a self-contains Presenter file.  It contained content and a quiz within the same file.  The review pages were also additional pages (copied from the content) within the quiz.

If you are interested in reviewing, you can download this file:  https://share.acrobat.com/adc/document. … 91b7039fd5

It contains the files for all of my Tips & Tricks presentation.  I didn't do a great job of documenting everything - because it was after all - a presentation.  I am planning on writing up some of these items in my continuing series of articles I've been publishing to ConnectUsers.com

In the meantime, feel free to ping me directly or via this forum for additional and specific questions.