Topic: Can you pass information to Connect using the Flash querystring?

I have a internal custom LMS that we use to track our training.  We have been using Connect for a couple years with a Flash button that sends the user back to the registration program.  We used Flash rather than a PPT link because we wanted it to open in the same window.

Now, I have upgraded my LMS and need to have the standard 3 region setup - Development, Acceptance & Production.  The problem starts now, because the Flash button that contains the link to send them back to registration will need to be able to determine which region the user came from so that it can send them back to that same region.

Specifically, the action script on the button looks like this:

register_btnHRTSDev.onRelease = function () {
    getURL("http://d105-hrts.dcf.state.fl.us/Home/Registration_CBT.aspx?id=6", "_self");

The issue is that the first part of the URL, d105-hrts.dcf.state.fl.us, will change for each of my 3 regions, so I wanted to pass it to the Connect server and then read it in the Flash button.

I've tried a few things but have not been successful at getting the querystring to work.  Does anyone know if you CAN do this?  If so, what is the best way? 

NOTE:  We have a firewall (of course) and we publish on the Connect server on the Internet, so that's another side issue - I am on the Internet and must go back to my Intranet to register.