Topic: can't publish with 7 or 6

I am trying to publish a 38 slide .ppt file. I had Presenter 7 with Vista and it would start, but never finish publishing. I tried downgrading to Presenter 6, since that used to work, but now it starts and says 'starting conversion' but it never finishes, and when I click 'view output' nothing happens.

I have sucessfuly published other presentations, and was able to publish a 1 slide test so I don't know what is going on. Is 38 slides with no audio too much????


Re: can't publish with 7 or 6

No, that isn't too much to expect.  My suspicion here is that there may be something in this slidedeck (an unsupported object, etc...) that is causing an issue with the publishing process.  Take a look on adobe.com for the list of supported objects in Presenter 7, as well as the known issues list, to see if you might be unfortunately using one of these error-causing objects or features of PPT 2007.

If that doesn't turn up anything, then I'd resort to technical support.


Re: can't publish with 7 or 6

Is there anyway to share the ppt?
I suspect that the problem is probably in one of the 38 slides - and editing that slide may solve the problem. The problem could also be Vista specific - so if you have access to Win XP + Presenter try that combo as well.


Re: can't publish with 7 or 6

One of the things I've done in the past is split the deck in two. (hoping that you only have one slide affected of course). Upload each individual deck and hopefully it helps you eliminate which part of the deck the slide is in.

You could also try to upload the sample slide deck that comes with presenter as well. I've seen it happen once or twice where there was a firewall involved that prevented the upload of certain file types and also sizes outside of the firewall. If the sample deck doesn't work then you know it's beyond your slides.


Re: can't publish with 7 or 6

Another troubleshooting idea you may want to try is to publish the presentation locally.  If you check off the option to create a ZIP file, you can then manually upload the ZIP file to the Connect Pro server.